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Friday, February 16, 2018

Let Me Tell You a Story: Love Gained, Love Lost

They had fallen in love gradually, as they had met through common friends in college. They usually saw each other at gatherings with their friends, but when they became closer they began to see each other privately.

At first, it was innocent. They went to movies, studied together, went shopping, and before they knew it, their hands had found each other. Their friends had whooped and catcalled when they’d walked into the bar hand in hand one day to announce their relationship.

They had dated for two and a half years, laughing and enjoying their beautiful, loving relationship. They had become so synchronized with one another; they would finish each other’s sentences and laughed happily over the fact. Their friends would constantly make jokes such as, “Oh, just get married already!” or “When’s the baby coming?”

They took their friends’ advice and he proposed to her on their third anniversary. With tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks, she nodded and hugged him while gasping out, “Yes… Yes!”

The wedding had been beautiful and he had lifted the veil of his lovely angel and said, “I do.” As they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, the chapel had erupted in applause. They then took off to their honeymoon in Hawaii to consummate their marriage.

They had bought an apartment to live in together and chatted happily with another at dinner and shared a goodnight kiss every night before going to bed. Their spark was still glowing brightly.

Now, two years into their marriage, they had fizzled out. No more goodnight kisses, they just went to bed. The dinners that had once been bright and full of laughter were silent save for the sounds of eating and plates clinking together.

He had arrived from work one day and saw her making dinner. He casually looked over her shoulder and was surprised that the scent of beef and potatoes wasn’t the only scent that reached him. He could smell cologne from her, and it wasn’t his. It was at that moment he realized that the love they had once shared was no longer there.

He went through all the perfume and cologne bottles in the house, just to be sure. None of them smelt how his wife had. He slumped down to the ground and ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated. He sighed and his head dropped. How were they going to keep loving each other? No, they no longer loved each other. Sure, they cared for one another, but that only went so far.

He became aware of when she would go to see him, the other man. He dared not find out the stranger’s identity in fear of torturing himself. He couldn’t bear to do it. He was still set on his wife being happy, even if it was at his own expense. Even at the young age of 27, he looked aged because of the stress.

He saw new clothes in her closet that she never wore in front of him. More jewelry in her jewelry box as well. He’d stay awake, his eyes closed as he felt the bed tilt slightly. She’d lean over and check to see if he was awake before slowly going out of the house late at night. When he heard the door close, he got up and stared at the door. He closed his eyes, scrunching them up, hoping to fall asleep and escape to his dreams where he could forget reality.

One Saturday morning, they were eating breakfast without a word. “Honey…” She said softly to him, using the loving name to catch his attention and break the usual silence. Her husband looked up from the paper he was reading. “I’m… pregnant.” Instead of being happy, he looked at her face. Though they had lost their love, he could still read her face. He didn’t need her to say anything because he already knew.

The baby was not his.

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