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Monday, October 14, 2019

ASB and Student Council Election 2012-2013

San Mateo High School had its annual election on Wednesday, 13 with 64 candidates for 34 positions

The results are sad for the losing candidates, and for some positions, friends were running against each other. Unfortunately, the reality is cruel that there is only one winner.

Kat Fadrlian was chosen for the top spot: ASB president, “I have a lot ideas to put in reality. I’ll try to bring majority students to activities, to spread the bearcat spirit and to make everybody feel unified. My goal is to make SMHS a second home for every student on our campus,” said Kat Fadrlian, next ASB president.

Felipe Afanador will be president of next year’s senior class, “Using my leadership to connect with other class councils and raising more money for prom are probably our major goals right now, ” he said.


The complete list of winners is:




President: Kat Fadrian

Vice President: Jane Sun

Secretary: Lindsey Seto

Treasurer: Jake Monasch

Publicity: Sarah Wilson

Dance Commissioner: Ashley Chiu

Spirit Commissioner: Mason Otus

Russell Zych

UASB: Paolo Castillo

Ilya Rozenblat


Class of 2014


President: Felipe Afanador

Vice President: Joceline Diaz

Secretary: Akshaya Natarjan

Treasurer: Sam Hayat

Publicity: Britney Wang

Activities: Casey Haas

Site council: Samantha Esposto

Samantha Low


Class of 2015

President: Danny Millstein

Vice President: Kristie Wong

Secretary: Hanny Octaviani

Treasurer: Tamlyn Chew

Publicity: Sarah Leonard

Activities: Taryn Issel

Site council: Mieke Voges

Kimberly Tom


Class of 2016

President: Roz Jeffries

Vice President: Kyle Tan

Secretary: Paige Stoveland

Treasurer: Maggie Phillips

Publicity: Courtney Wong

Activities: Chelsea Young

Site council: Bailey Fadrian

Tara Nash


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