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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hillary: The Better Of Two Evils

I’ll admit, I am just as unenthusiastic about the election as a majority of the U.S. population; our candidates are a monstrosity and proven to be childish and immature. But for those that are in a quandary, there is a substantial difference between an indifferent president in collation to a fascist dictator.

It is clear that Trump lacks the knowledge to become president. He is not a politician, “he is a businessman.” But is he really? Obviously, part of Trump’s appeal is him being an astounding businessman. His supporters tend to find it impressive that he was able to cheat the American system, but can we really give him that much credit? Trump has sucked on a golden spoon since birth, being born in a wealthy family. Donald was set up for financial success and ultimately was in no way responsible for obtaining a large amount of wealth — his father was. I am not saying he did not increase his wealth, but when you already have millions of dollars to start, it is quite easy to profit off previous companies, create new ones, create your own talk shows, and specifically for Trump’s instance, cheat the federal government. It is apparent he does not care for the well-being of the country: the taxes he has skipped out on would barely make a dent in his billionaire lifestyle, but he is greedy. And he has failed to mention any repair to the loopholes that allow you to steal from the government.“If you are a voter and you think that Trump is going to make your life better, you are willingly believing his lies. His only interests are his own, and he won’t be able to get anything done. The same might be said for Hillary, but at least she is an adult who is competent and won’t destroy the country within the first week in office,” said senior Ryan Legault.

How about we talk policies? It may be difficult, as it is rare to talk policies during this election, or at least for Trump it is. “If you can recall the Aleppo gaffe made by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, in which he couldn’t recall what Aleppo was… Trump has made gaffes like that dozens of times. And Trump’s gaffes have been far more severe, as they have been gaffes on policy, policies that are of civilizational and international importance. This demonstrates, to me at least, his complete lack of preparation and his unfitness to be President,” stated Ryan. The mere fact that Trump’s policies are almost nonexistent, leaves me puzzled at his defenders. You are left with a false “businessman,” who clearly has no clue about governing. “When you listen to Trump speak extemporaneously, something should strike you. He will literally repeat himself four times, in the most inarticulate and confusing way possible. At least to me, this seems like a problem. Smart people don’t talk like that.” said Ryan

Trump has grown to be a spoiled, wealthy, white man who is unwilling to be logical and who has literal outbreaks if opposed, furthering the argument he is ill-suited for the presidency. Even Mike Pence, Republican vice presidential nominee, admits to his irritation that Trump does not always mean what he says, and if you recall during the second debate, the moderators quoted his running mate and questioned whether Trump had made a mistake on the Syrian policy that upset many Republicans. In response, Trump continued to back his initial opinion and stated “[Pence] and I have not spoken, and we don’t agree.” His intransigent personality and inability to simply agree with his running mate demonstrates his distinct incompetence to lead the country.  Do we want him to be the voice and face of cooperation within the world’s nations?

So as we have tallied up, Trump is ignorant about politics, unreasonable, not as successful as first deemed to be, spoiled and childish, sexist and racist. If you are not yet convinced, there is an endless pool to draw from. Let’s also discuss his fascist nature. Recently at one of his rallies, Trump literally spoke of jailing his opponent. This characteristic has been shown within many previous dictators, so bring out the guillotine, put a crown on his toupee and demand the beheadings of his political opponents. This is not humor — this is reality, and it is daunting.

We are taking the election too lightly, skipping out on voting because we are not pleased with the current candidates. That is the most absurd thing you could do during a grotesque time such as this one. Disposing of your vote is not helping anything or anyone, just take the time to see there is a clear right answer here, I mean, unless you advocate a third world war. “I think that it is the height of obnoxious first world privilege to sit out any election. The United States wields a tremendous amount of power around the world, and the president makes literal life or death decisions all of the time. Anyone who can’t muster the minute amount of intellectual energy it takes to side with one candidate or the other based on the dozens of issues on which they are diametrically opposed should go suck a lemon,” remarked English teacher Mr. David Pirie.

The election is no longer Democrat versus Republican — it is life or death for this country. The nuclear power each nation holds is frightening and having a preposterous human being who literally throws fits like a young spoiled child in jurisdiction of the military is more than terrifying, it could literally be the end of the world. I am not inflating the situation, although I wish I was. Think about it: “who, for instance, do you think would more responsibly use the greatest military arsenal in the history of the known world? Which of these people would you have wanted at the switch during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Who would you vote for if you were potentially in the crossfire of a drone strike? Things get pretty serious pretty quickly if you think about it in those terms,” wisely stated Mr. Pirie. So if you wish to stay alive, get over Hillary’s emails and Benghazi. “The future of our country is at stake. Your future is at stake in this election. Make the responsible, adult choice,” said Ryan.

P.S. At a Florida rally, Trump misdated the election, so for all the Trump supporters out there, please, do show on Nov. 28. As for the rest of us, be there to vote for Hillary on Nov. 8, 2016.


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