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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Counselors Begin Next Year’s Course Selections

At the beginning of February San Mateo High School counselors begin offering courses to students for next year. Seniors are lucky because they are exempt from the process. A variety of courses are offered for students at San Mateo varying from art to computer science. In addition the school offers fifteen AP (advanced placement) classes for students who excel at a specific subject or want to take a class taught at a college level.

Counselors begin the course preview process with course preview day. This is a day where students get to choose three classes from a list and visit them. Each class they visit comes with a brief presentation covering what the course covers, requirements, and any questions that are left unanswered by the end. Later on in the month counselors visit each class and host a collective presentation. This presentations covers more in depth about what the school district requires for students to graduate and how to receive the necessary credits. On the week of February 20 counselors begin the time-investing process of student’s course selections.

While selecting courses for next year, students are required to meet with their college counselor one-on-one. Ms. Booth, a college counselor, said, “Students know what they want (classes) and we give them”. On the course selection sheet students are offered to have a sixth and/or a seventh period off. Seniors must have at least five periods. Although seniors have fulfilled their math requirements by senior year Booth encourages them to take a fourth year of math.

AP classes are also offered at San Mateo for students who are good at time management and want a challenge. Booth warms students that, “senioritis is a real thing”. Therefore, students are not recommended to take more than three AP classes during their last year of high school. Booth knows that, “students have jobs, internships, and busy family lives”. AP courses also must be signed off by a counselor, the student, and a parent of guardian. This AP contract warns students that the course they choose to take is more vigorous and is taught at a college level. These advanced classes are not easy to drop out of after signing off on the contract.

If a student find themselves requesting to change classes this should be done before spring break. In addition at the beginning of next year college counselor are more than happy to adjust schedules if a legitimate reason is given.

When choosing classes for next year make sure you choose classes that will challenge you but in addition are interesting. Attempt to get your credits as soon as possible and don’t wait to get them all at the last minute. Good luck next year! booth

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