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Twenty One Pilots hosted a concert in the SAP Center in San Jose on Friday, Feb. 10. And, let me tell you, it was utterly amazing.

Twenty One Pilots, a duo consisting of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, first formed in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. The band then consisted of Tyler, Chris Salih and Nick Thomas, but Salih and Thomas left in 2011; Josh joined shortly afterwards.

They have released a total of four albums, with their most recent being “Blurryface” in 2015. They’ve been nominated for and have won countless awards over the past few years, with their single “Stressed Out” even winning a Grammy award in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. They are currently on their Emotional Roadshow tour.

Their opening artists were Jon Bellion and the band Judah and the Lion. Judah and the Lion performed many of their hit songs, including “Take It All Back 2.0,” which peaked at the #1 spot on Billboard’s Alternative chart.

Jon Bellion, accompanied by Travis Mendes, started off with the upbeat “He Is the Same,” then proceeded to rile up the crowds with hit song “All Time Low.” He performed a few remixes of his other songs, including “Maybe IDK” and “Guillotine.” He then wrapped it up with the passionate “New York Soul Part II.”

About half an hour later, the nine circles on the Blurryface album cover were projected, three at a time, onto the projector screen on the main stage. An instrumental of “Fairly Local” crescendoed into the introduction of “Heavydirtysoul”; Josh and Tyler launched right into their performance, with their usual setup of the drum set parallel with the standup piano. They started with the furious beat that precedes the even more fast-paced rap in “Heavydirtysoul.” The first song prompted huge cheers, with solely the audience singing the bridge of the song (“death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit”).

A couple songs later, during “Hometown,” Tyler appeared on the second tier of seats to sing the last few lines. He then ripped off his mask, a single spotlight illuminating his spot far above the ground floor. Then all the lights went dark, leaving the fans wondering how in the world he had managed to get up there.

Tyler and Josh performing "House of Gold"

Tyler and Josh performing “House of Gold”

Throughout the performance, a few of their songs were mixed together, and they fit spectacularly well. This goes especially for the ukulele-based songs, like “The Judge” and “We Don’tBelieve What’s On TV.” Tyler made a small speech before “House of Gold” as he was dressed in a floral robe-like outfit. He said, “This is my dad’s least favorite outfit, out of all of the ones I wear onstage. Maybe because it has flowers on it.” After a pause, he added, laughing, “Or maybe because I sing a song about him turning to stone in it.”

During “Lane Boy,” the two people dressed in hazmat suits and gas masks that were in the song’s music video made an appearance onstage, representing the danger that comes along with fame and success.

After a couple more songs, they performed on a raised platform in the middle of the pit. They played “Addict With a Pen” from their first self-released, self-titled album. They also played a cover of the song “Cancer,” originally by My Chemical Romance. The lyric video for the cover, animated by Tantrum Content, was played on the projector screens of the main stage, showing the lyrics in crafty ways, including on pages in books that flipped and floated by.

Twenty One Pilots, Jon Bellion, and Judah and the Lion performing onstage.

Twenty One Pilots, Jon Bellion and Judah and the Lion performing onstage.

When they went back to the main stage, their opening acts, Jon Bellion and Judah and the Lion, came onstage, and the three artists performed a few covers together.

“Holding Onto You” came next, and it was amazingly executed, with Josh climbing onto the piano near the drop at the end of the song to do a backflip onto the stage.

Then, “Guns for Hands,” “Ride” and “Stressed Out” were played, with Tyler crowd-surfing in a hamster ball and Josh drumming on a drum island on the crowd in the pit. They finished up the concert with “Goner” and “Trees” as red confetti was released all around the arena.

Throughout the entire performance, incredibly well-made graphics were shown on the projector screens, ranging from a blinking “FAME” and “SUCCESS” during “Lane Boy” to the comical animation of Josh’s face, spinning slowly until Tyler, performing onstage, showed through his mouth.

I loved the amount of support shown,” said Grace Wang, freshman. I couldn’t agree more. Every word, every line, every song and even a slight change in tempo were greeted by vociferous cheers; the fans sang along to all the lyrics to every song they performed.

The Twenty One Pilots concert was stunningly beautiful, all in all. I wouldn’t hesitate one second to go again.

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