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Friday, February 16, 2018

It’s the Promposal Season


Boutonnieres, corsages, fancy attire, loud music…all stem from the infamous and well thought-out promposal. Prom is an extremely popular event for high school students but it is believed to have actually started as a college event. “Prom” is an abbreviation of the word, “promenade” defined in the dictionary as “a leisurely walk, or sometimes a ride or drive, typically one taken in a public place so as to meet or be seen by others.” The promenade started around the 1900’s at American universities which held promenade balls for each graduating senior class. In the 1940’s, “proms” were held for graduating high school students. Proms were held in high school gyms until the 1950s but were slowly but surely moved to more elaborate venues. Along with the evolution of prom came the evolvement of the promposal.

Promposals, limo, food, tickets, attire… these things can all add up to a lot of cash (or credit)! The term, “promposal,” was first used by the Dallas Morning News in 2001. The newspaper wrote about how students rewrote the lyrics to songs and announced it on the school loudspeaker in order to ask people to prom. Since then, promposals have really changed in creativity and in cost! According to Visa’s annual prom spending report, the average U.S. family spent about $324 in 2015 on the promposal. According to the social media agency, Sq1, 20,000 promposal videos were uploaded in one month during prom season in 2011. Can you imagine how many promposals are now posted through social media? Before you check out all of the promposals for ideas, here are a few for inspiration!

1.Run 5.5 miles to ask someone out to prom

A high school student asked his girlfriend to go to prom by running 5.5 miles. By using his iPhone map to track where he was running, he spelled out the one word question, “Prom?” The boy spent no money on the promposal but did put in a lot of sweat and hard work into it. Of course she said, “Yes!”


2. Arrest your prom date

What would you do if you got arrested by your prom date?

“If it’s on the account of them stealing my heart, then it’s a yes.” Elisa Eimon, an SMHS junior, states.


This high schooler had a sheriff arrest her boyfriend at high school during lunch at the school cafeteria in front of his friends. The sheriff brought her boyfriend outside of the cafeteria to the school driveway where he saw his girlfriend holding a sign saying, “Davyeon can I cuff you at prom?” Even though he was almost arrested, he agreed to go to prom with her.

3. Place thousands of sticky-notes on your prom date’s car


This definitely took a lot of time! This high school student had blue and pink sticky-notes and placed them each individually on her prom date’s car, spelling out the words,“PROM?”

If you are planning to do the same or similar promposal, make sure that there won’t be any rain or wind on that day.

4. Place 500 ping pong balls into your prom date’s locker

Write the words “Prom?” on 500 ping pong balls and try your best to fit all of them into your prom dates locker! Just know that when you are done you are probably going to be the one picking up the ping pong balls.


5. Bring your date with you on a helicopter ride

Brent Rivera, a Youtube personality, had asked his date to prom by taking his girlfriend on a helicopter ride. While riding on the helicopter, he had many people open umbrellas out on a beach and form the letters “PROM?” She was extremely surprised and said “Yes!”


How will you prompose?

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