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Coach John Tells Us About Boys Tennis

by Still Light Studios

  • The Tennis team this year is made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores, so what do you think the team needs to do to be successful, especially when playing older, more experienced opponents?

With this young team, the success and strength are already there, as all the players are accomplishing the fundamentals of tennis, executing strategies, learning from losses and improving from wins, and being courageous and believing in your shots in close games. Playing older players generally means that they will be better than the younger players, but this will help the athlete improve.

  • What strengths does the team have?

When we play older players, the team has to step up and follow the 100 % rule: 34% of your opponents must be better than you, so you know how high the bar is set; 33% at the same level, so in tough times, you will be pushed to your limits mentally and physically; 33% much lower, so you can work on being more aggressive with your playmaking.

  • What are the team’s weaknesses?

Definitely, one of the weaknesses of the team is the amount of rain that we have been getting. Our practices have been limited to a few days.

  • What does the team need to do to make ccs this year?

Going to CCS is an honor. It means that you have won more games than you have lost. If the right pieces fall into place, we will certainly go to CCS.

  • How is the team different from the past teams?

We only have three seniors and no juniors from a team of twenty-two athletes.

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