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Chinese New Year Brought to SMHS

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Chinese New Year began on Friday, February 16 and the Chinese Language 1 and 2 classes performed in the quad at lunch on that day to celebrate! The holiday, also known as Lunar New Year, begins on February 16th. It is the first day of the new year on the traditional Chinese lunisolar Calendar and spans for a total of 15 days. Each new year on this calendar is represented by an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. This year, Chinese New Year will be in celebration of the Year of the Dog.

Celebrations for this holiday are taking place in many locations across the Bay Area. The annual San Francisco Chinese New Year parade will be on February 24th. But SMHS students did not need to go to San Francisco to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Ms. Steinbrecher is the current Chinese language class teacher at SMHS, and is a long-time teacher at SMHS. With her teaching experience along with her knowledge and personal exposure to the Chinese culture, she planned something special for her classes and SMHS to share the Chinese New Year!

“I think it would be fun to bring Chinese New Year to the San Mateo High School community. On one hand, my Chinese students can feel


the culture, and, on the other hand, the school community can have a sense of how the Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year.” says Ms. Steinbrecher.

Students in the SMHS Chinese 1 and 2 classes threw a celebration for this holiday with a lion dance performance/competition on the first day of Chinese New Year.

Ms. Steinbrecher arranged for the special event, theWisdom Culture and Education Organization (WCEO) prepared the Chinese 1 and 2 students for their school-wide Chinese New Year celebration. The activities for the students were sponsored by the Diamond Grant and the GATE Parents Group. WCEO taught the students about the Lunar New Year and the Chinese calendar system. Students then hand painted their own traditional lion masks, which they used in their lion dance performance. The organization also taught the students about the ingredients in making a special Chinese porridge.

“We learned how to make Laba porridge, which was fed to the poor and made in temples in the past,” stated Ruiz Borlonjan, a student part of the Mandarin Language class.

Ms. Steinbrecher organized a restaurant to bring packed lunches for each student. The students feasted on chow mein with green veggies, chicken and spring rolls. After their generous meal and listening to traditional Chinese music, they began to learn the traditional lion dance, which they performed.

Students from the Chinese classes were able to learn about the tradition of the Chinese New Year through videos, songs and crafts.

Romy Alberts, a student in Chinese 2, is excited to be taking part in the class and Chinese New Year performance. She enjoyed being able to learn more about how the holiday is able to bring people together in celebration of the new year. Enrolled in Mandarin for a second year, she has been able to learn about the Chinese culture and traditions for Chinese New Year celebrations including the red envelope giving, firecrackers and lion dance performances.

“We even got to see a video of the lion dance!” Romy said.

Mabel Cheng, an SMHS student enrolled in Chinese 1, enjoys taking part in Chinese New Year celebrations both inside and outside of school. She participated in the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade for the past three years as a part of a traditional Chinese fan and ribbon dance troupe. She enjoys the food served during Chinese New Year (including vegetables and greens which, in Chinese culture, symbolizes that they work hard), the red envelope giving, and being able to celebrate the holiday with her family. “To me, Chinese New Year means family.” said Mabel Cheng about the special holiday.

All Bearcats were invited to celebrate the first day of the Chinese New Year and watch the lion dance performances by the Chinese 1 and 2 classes. It was a colorful and festive celebration. Kudos to Ms. Steinbrecher and her students!

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