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Friday, February 16, 2018

About Us

class photo

2015-2016 Journalism


The Bearcat is the online branch of Mateo Media, which is what we like to call San Mateo High School’s Journalism and Yearbook programs combined. The Bearcat was created with the purpose of raising awareness of school activities and connecting different parts of our school community, while giving student journalists a chance to hone their skills in writing, photography, interviewing and web design.

The San Mateo Hi, our school newspaper, is published monthly. You can see it by clicking on the “Read the Print Edition” link on the menu bar. We print over 1,000 copies of the Hi in a 12-page tabloid format. Only some of the many stories our journalists cover are able to fit in the print edition. The Bearcat, on the other hand, is updated weekly throughout the school year, has room for any number of stories, and has the potential to reach an unlimited audience on the web.

The SMHS Journalism program has won numerous accolades, including Best Website Design in Northern California from the Journalism Education Association; Best Website Design and Best Website Content from the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club; and Top Ten Best of Show from the National Scholastic Press Association at its annual convention. We hope to continue to improve this website, and win more awards!

The Bearcat uses innovative and unconventional ways to maximize its presence in the high school community. Its website is viewed daily by many of the members of the SMHS student population. We are visited by more than 150 unique viewers every day.

The Bearcat uses WordPress, an open source publishing application, as its website’s content management system. The Bearcat strives to deliver the best experience to it’s readers through industry-leading software and services, but works to build that ‘best experience’ in-house before turning to third parties.

The Bearcat utilizes a customized professional template for its site design.

San Mateo High School is a public school with approximately 1600 students, located in San Mateo, California, which is about 20 miles south of San Francisco. If you have a story you’d like to publicize, or want to advertise on this site and in our print edition, you can contact us via email at

The views and opinions expressed in our articles are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official viewpoint of the Journalism program or San Mateo High School. We welcome Letters to the Editor if you would like to share your opinion. Guidelines and instructions for submitting Letters to the Editor can be found here.

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  • Teresa

    You guys did a wonderful job on the website!
    However, I noticed under the sports section, there is no “basketball.” It would be lovely if you guys could add in a basketball section!

  • Paul Kandell

    Bearcat Journalism, please consider coming to Journalism Day at Palo Alto High School — a short train ride for you guys — on Saturday, Sept. 27.

    You can find details at Please consider — events like this don’t take place on the Peninsula very often. It’s going to be a few years before the national convention returns to SF.

    Here’s the tentative schedule:

    9:30 registration/welcome with light refreshments

    10 a.m. Session 1

    Visual: “Shooting great photos 1” (Room 102/Margo Wixsom & Proof staff)

    Writing: “From hook to wrap-up: Feature story finesse” (Board room/Kristy Blackburn)

    Web: “A Starter Kit of Web Interactives” (Room 202/Michelle Balmeo)

    Managing: “Team building in a mixed-grade/all-level class” (105/Raven Report staff)

    Advising: “Growing your program by growing a magazine” (Room 103/Esther Wojcicki)

    Advising: (CJE/MJE review and begin test with Sarah Nichols) (J Library)

    11 a.m. Session 2

    Visual: “Shooting great photos 2: Focus on sports!” (Broadcast room/The Viking staff)

    Writing: “Newswriting/interviewing basics” (Room 103/Esther Wojcicki/Campanile staff)

    Web: “Pushing the envelope in Web J — student panel” (Room 105/Paly Voice staff)

    Print: “Alternative story forms” (Room 202/Rachel West)

    Advising: “Using Google Docs to organize the newsroom (Board room/Kim Vinh)

    Advising: (CJE/MJE test with Sarah Nichols) (J Library)

    noon Lunch and keynote

    (CJE/MJE test continues)

    1:15 p.m. Session 3

    Visual: “10 tips for shooting great video” (Broadcast room/Paul Hoeprich)

    Writing: “Editorials with impact” (Room 105/Rachel West)

    Web: “Student panel: Online sports coverage” (Room 103/El Estoque staff)

    Print: “Planning the centerspread/doubletruck” (Room 202/Kristy Blackburn)

    Yearbook: “More than a theme” (J library/Sarah Nichols/CJE-MJE testing permitting)

    Advising: “Adviser survival! Roundtable discussion on scholastic journalism law, ethics and school politics” (Board room/Paul Kandell)

    Advising: (CJE/MJE test) (J Library)

    2 p.m. workshop ends/short break

    2:15 p.m. extension activity begins

    Publication critiques (Atrium/Blackburn)

    iPhone reporting activity (Journalism library/Balmeo)

    Stanford athletics photo walk (The Viking Staff)

    Advisers: Flipping the journalism classroom (Room 202/Tracy Anne Sena)

    5 p.m. J-Day concludes


    “How to build an Internet radio station” (Radio room/Paly Radio Club)

    “Writing and delivering great broadcast scripts (Broadcast room/Paul Hoeprich)

    “Covering controversial stories” (Video production room/Jack Brook, Verde magazine EIC)

    “Building tour” (Paul Kandell and/or Esther Wojcicki)

    “How to conduct an effective interview” (Esther Wojcicki, Campanile editors)

    Social media: “Social media essentials for student publications” (Room 202/TBA)