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Chinese New Year Brought to SMHS -

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The Van Jones Show:Jay-Z -

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Poema: Una noche de recuerdos, prom.

Hagan caso en ese día, 12 de abril. Como la historia de una princesa, la cenicienta. Cuando el reloj dio a las doce, ella sabía que debía irse. Largo, color pastel, y abierto por detrás, Un vestido que cualquier muchacha sería feliz de lucir. Tan feliz como una niña de diez anos Si solamente pudiera detener el tiempo para que pueda ser testiga de todos sonriendo, con tanta emoción y felicidad. A bailar con sus pareja, A escuchar la música, A tener el olor de perfume, y tener los recuerdos de un baile, un baile al que no puedes regresar,…

Mr. Wilke: The Rockin’ Math Teacher

Mr. Wilke started teaching in 1999 in a small town called Gustine a city in the Merced County. He has been teaching AP Statistics and Finite Math at San Mateo High School since 2003. A little bit about Mr. Wilke was that he grew up in Modesto then later moved to Half Moon Bay. He is happily married for over 12 years and has two dogs named Jezebel and Faust. During his free time, he does acting and hosts an occasional midnight movie. His favorite music is mostly old punk rock. At one point in his life, he wanted to…

Most Popular Movies of 2013

courtesy of imbd.com

The Wolf of Wall Street Based on a true story, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort in this dramatic comedy.  It portrays Jordan’s life rapidly getting better as he becomes a wealthy stockbroker. But it all disappears quickly in a mess of crime and the federal government. This film was rated 8.7 out of 10 by imbd.com users and 75 out of 100 by critics on metacritic.com and currently the box office has received $63.1M in sales. 12 Years A Slave Based on a true story, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon Northup. Solomon is a free black man from New York who…

Poema: Una Pesadilla Chistosa

Entre las narices de los alumnos, En la clase, después del almuerzo, Un niño se tiro un pedo, ¡Todos lo olieron, nadie lo escucho, pero dijo que no comió mucho! Durante treinta minutos, Estudiantes se pusieron locos, ¡El maestra se cayo, y se le salieron los mocos! El rostro de él se puso morado, su corazón parro, en la clase había entrado un tornado, la clase se habia burlado, y ahora no podían mirar claro Pero todo era un sueño, talvez una pesadilla, hoy no era su día perfecto, tal vez mañana será correcto.

Top Movies of the Year

As 2013 begins to draw to a close, the variety of great movies don’t seem to stop – here is a reflection on the best movies of the year. Ranking in #1 of the movies in 2013 is Iron Man 3. The sequel of Iron Man 1 and 2, it is also the top grossing movie of the year. If you have ever seen either of the previous movies and enjoyed them, then this movie is for you. If you prefer horror movies that send a chill up your spine, then coming in at #13 in grossing sales with 7.6/10 stars according…

Students Get Back to School

School bells rang once again and students both new and old began milling around in the hallways once more, signifying the official start of the 2013 school year. While the students were relaxing and enjoying their summer break, the staff was busily planning the start of the school year.  “I was here most days of the summer,” said Dr. Rapido. The construction of the Performing Arts Center continued and ran without any problems throughout the summer.  There are just a few finishing touches that need to be done, but it should be ready just in time for the fall musical,…

The Origin of Twerk

Twerk – everyone’s heard of this dance move. In case you have been living under a rock, twerk essentially means to shake one’s butt rapidly. From Miley Cyrus to ordinary teen girls, this confident dance move has taken over the media. But did you know that it actually derives from an African dance move? Twerk has its roots in traditional West African dances, in particular, mapouka, which comes from the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. There are two sorts of mapouka: a more civilized, traditional type used in ceremonies, and a more scandalous, popular type that lies more closely to our…

SMHS Prom Jumps Back to the Twenties

On Saturday, April 13, San Mateo High School Prom was held at Treasure Island, an amazing venue.

Star Craft 2: Heart of Swarms

Thrilling news for Star Craft fans: the extension pack of Star Craft, Heart of Swarms, was released on March 22. The expansion includes additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, the previous extension pack. As the second series of tribology of Star Craft 2, Heart of Swarms continues the campaign focusing on the race of Zerg. In this pack, Sarah Kelligan will start her bloody revenge on the supreme leader of Terran, Arcturus Mengsk. The game has 20 missions in the campaign, and continues the story after Wings of Liberty. According to Blizzard’s 2011 Blizz conference, Heart of the…

ASB and Student Council Election 2012-2013

San Mateo High School had its annual election on Wednesday, 13 with 64 candidates for 34 positions The results are sad for the losing candidates, and for some positions, friends were running against each other. Unfortunately, the reality is cruel that there is only one winner. Kat Fadrlian was chosen for the top spot: ASB president, “I have a lot ideas to put in reality. I’ll try to bring majority students to activities, to spread the bearcat spirit and to make everybody feel unified. My goal is to make SMHS a second home for every student on our campus,” said…