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All Star Weekend Highlights -

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Chinese New Year Brought to SMHS -

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The Van Jones Show:Jay-Z -

Friday, February 16, 2018

Reality T.V. Series “Born This Way” Is Limitless

Limitless.  The one word that can perfectly describe the lives of seven young adults with Down Syndrome in the Emmy-winning reality television series, “Born This Way.”  The series is produced by the same company that created “The Real World,” “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and several other popular reality shows. The reality series on A&E Network takes place in Southern California, and follows the lives of friends Cristina, Steven, Rachel, Sean, Elena, John and Megan.  Their ages range from the 20’s to 30’s and they were all born with Down Syndrome, the most common chromosomal disorder in the United States….

A Look Inside SMHS Marching Band

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “SMHS Marching Band? Many might say the “Little Big Game.” But besides that, what do you know about the marching band? The SMHS Marching Band started in the 1940’s. Now directed by Mr. Atillio Tribuzi (aka Mr. T), the 82 student members of the marching band arrive at school at zero period (7:00 a.m.) to learn and practice the music and marching for competitions (called Band Reviews) and for formations for the Little Big Game halftime show. “My favorite thing about Marching Band is the fact…

Enter the Student Art Contest!

  Share your creativity through art! Enter the Student Art Contest! Your artwork could be featured on the official CSEA holiday card. The contest is held by the California School Employees Association (CSEA), a school employee union. The theme for this year’s contest is “Favorite Winter Holiday Activity.” Winning entries will be awarded prizes! “It’s exciting when you win and you have an opportunity to have your work published,” Ms. Yapp, San Mateo High School’s art teacher, says. “It’s something you can put on your list of accomplishments that you can be proud of.” Emma Luong, a passionate SMHS art…

TV Shows Coming Up in the Fall

  FX’s American Horror Story is coming back with its fourth season this October and it’s going to be a freak show, literally. The Emmy winning show’s theme is freak show and it will have everything from a bearded woman, to a “clown killer.” AHS kicks off October eighth at 10 P.M. and is sure to be both disturbing and enthralling. Justice League hero, Flash, is coming to the small screen this fall on the CW with his own spinoff from the hit show Arrow. Grant Gustin, who others might remember as Sebastian Smith on Glee, will play the Flash….

Movie Review: The Giver

The Giver, a dystopian movie based on Lois Lowry’s novel, has attracted many viewers since its release. Within the first three days, it earned over twelve million dollars. “I think all people experience conflict and enjoy taking a look at a very dark world, while enjoying the fact that they do not have to live in it permanently,” Ms. Malatesta, an English teacher, said about the dystopia genre’s popularity. Directed by Phillip Noyce, the movie starred Jeff Bridges as the Giver, three-time Academy Award-winning Meryl Streep as Chief Elder, Brenton Thwaites as Jonas, and multi-Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Swift as…

The Strokes Return

Are The Strokes back, or is it only a tease? The band including Nikolai Fraiture, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr., Julian Casablancas and Fabrizio Moretti last performed at the Brazilian Planeta Terra Festival on November 5, 2011. The Strokes repeatedly take their time off between albums and new released songs which is making fans assume that the Comedown Machine was their last official collaboration together but they recently announced their open invite to The Governors Ball festival in New York, along with The OutKast, Jack White and Vampire Weekend. They return after refusing to tour their fifth album Comedown Machine…

Album Reviews

Mantagi is a hip-hop/electro album by one of pop’s most rebellious artists M.I.A.  Most of the songs, like “Bad Girls,” are midtempo and have a catchy hook. The albums and songs are based off of Mathangi, the Hindu goddess of spoken word and music. Every song consists of Middle-Eastern influenced beatscapes and clever lyrics that kept me on edge throughout the whole album. British girl group, Little Mix, sings anthems of female empowerment in their second studio album, Salute. The spunky album has a good mix of emotion-filled ballads and upbeat songs that will keep you hooked.  Destiny’s Child was obviously a…

Insidious Chapter Two

The famous master of horror movies James Wan released the next part of Insidious called Insidious Chapter Two on Friday, September 13. Many have been talking about their frightened reactions to the Insidious movie part one from 2011, a movie about a family in desperate need to help their son Dalton Lambert, who is stuck in a coma after he fell over in an attic. The doctors don’t know what he is diagnosed with and months later his parents are sure that the house is haunted because of many abnormal activities. Dalton’s parents call ghost hunters and investigators over and…

The Origin of Twerk

Twerk – everyone’s heard of this dance move. In case you have been living under a rock, twerk essentially means to shake one’s butt rapidly. From Miley Cyrus to ordinary teen girls, this confident dance move has taken over the media. But did you know that it actually derives from an African dance move? Twerk has its roots in traditional West African dances, in particular, mapouka, which comes from the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire. There are two sorts of mapouka: a more civilized, traditional type used in ceremonies, and a more scandalous, popular type that lies more closely to our…

Eat & Explore: The Return

The Culinary Criticism Club (CCC) will return next semester after quite the hiatus. Be prepared for frequent trips to the county’s newest and brightest restaurants.