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Friday, February 16, 2018

A Look Inside SMHS Marching Band

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “SMHS Marching Band? Many might say the “Little Big Game.” But besides that, what do you know about the marching band? The SMHS Marching Band started in the 1940’s. Now directed by Mr. Atillio Tribuzi (aka Mr. T), the 82 student members of the marching band arrive at school at zero period (7:00 a.m.) to learn and practice the music and marching for competitions (called Band Reviews) and for formations for the Little Big Game halftime show. “My favorite thing about Marching Band is the fact…

Pep Band in the Exciting Rally

Friday’s Rally was the first rally to be held this year having the pep band playing off some exciting music. Eye of the Tiger, Born to be Wild, Tequila, all these songs were echoed throughout the field as the band played their dynamic songs. Jason Zhang, a saxophonist at the bottom of this picture was extremely excited as “playing” was his passion.

SMHS Pep Band keeps us entertained at the football games

John Reichmuth, Nicholas Delurgio, and Ralph Shehayed (left to right) are in deep concentration as they play their instruments at the SMHS football game.

Star Craft 2: Heart of Swarms

Thrilling news for Star Craft fans: the extension pack of Star Craft, Heart of Swarms, was released on March 22. The expansion includes additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, the previous extension pack. As the second series of tribology of Star Craft 2, Heart of Swarms continues the campaign focusing on the race of Zerg. In this pack, Sarah Kelligan will start her bloody revenge on the supreme leader of Terran, Arcturus Mengsk. The game has 20 missions in the campaign, and continues the story after Wings of Liberty. According to Blizzard’s 2011 Blizz conference, Heart of the…

In-Concert Is Coming Around The Corner

All the best instrumentalists from SMUHSD will be performing in the coveted “In-Concert.” It will be taking place at San Mateo High in the gym on Saturday, March 9th. The top musicians from schools in our district can sign up to be a part of the production. To land a lead role, however, there are auditions. The conductor this year is Cyrus Ginwala, who has been with various orchestras all around the world. His experience will truly enlighten the honors musicians on what it would be like to be in a professional performance. More information will be made public as…

Girl Suspended Over Facebook

Girl is suspended for criticizing her school system

SMHS Concert Dedicated to Nancy Cordero

Brain Cancer Ribbon

The Music Department’s Winter Concert, taking place on December 5, 2012 will be dedicated to Nancy Cordero, a SMHS student who passed away this week. A table will be set up for people to donate either to Nancy’s funeral costs or to cancer research, depending on the need of the time. “Either way, donations will make the lives of others easier. So please donate if possible,” said Band Director Michael Beery. Students from all band classes will perform in the Winter Concert this Wednesday at 7pm in the gym. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults and are…

Senate Bill Moves API Away From Standardized Tests

Governor Jerry Brown approved Senate Bill 1458, which will require 40 percent of the API (Academic Performance Index) to be determined by measures that implies college and career readiness. Senate Bill 1458, which will change California’s chief measure of a high school’s performance on state test scores and preparation for college. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Sept. 26, 2012. Its sponsor, Senate President, Tem Darrell Steinberg, forecasted in a press release that the bill “will prove to be one of the most important education reform bills of this decade.” Starting in 2016, test results of the California Standards Tests…

Marching Band Begins with a Bang

The Marching Band has begun practicing for the fall 2012 marching season. In October the band will head to Santa Cruz, Foothill, and Cupertino to compete with other schools. In November you’ll catch them rockin’ out at the Little Big Game, and finally they’ll head to Disneyland this spring for their last hurrah before the year’s over.

Tommy Talks Tuba

It’s never too late to try something new in High School, and in my ever-changing senior schedule I have somehow landed in Symphonic Band with little to no music experience.