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Career Conversations: Allen Lam

What do you do as a sound engineer? Most of what I do is live sound, which essentially means that I operate sound systems to make people louder at various public events. From time to time I’ll do recordings, but for the most part, I work live shows. How did you get started in the sound industry? I started learning about sound by playing in bands. In those days, there was no sound industry. Everybody was figuring it out as they went along. In college, I decided to study acoustics and electronic music, and one day it just came over…

Career Conversations: Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis has been a Deputy District Attorney in the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office since December 2015. Davis received a B.A. in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and a J.D. in Criminal Law from the University of California, Davis. What is a district attorney? What do you do? Unlike most attorneys, we don’t have any clients. A district attorney (DA) is, essentially, employed by the people of California. If someone commits a crime, we assess whether or not all criminal elements are met and if it’s ethical to prosecute them. If we decide that it is, then…

Career Conversations: Christiaan Vorkink

  A Conversation with Christiaan Vorkink Christiaan is a Vice President at True Ventures where he supports the Founders and employees of the 120 company True portfolio. Prior to joining True in 2008, he was a senior analyst at Cambridge Associates and worked in network development at BrightRoll, an early True investment.  What is venture capital? It’s all about helping people build and scale businesses. Venture capitalists provide money and support to people excited about creating something fundamentally different. Our job is to say “We love what you’re doing, we think your vision for the future is very exciting, and…

Career Conversations: Shawn Gawle

A Conversation with Shawn Gawle Shawn Gawle is the executive pastry chef at Cotogna and Quince in San Francisco. Trained as a savory cook at the New England Culinary Institute, he has since switched to pastry. One of Food and Wine’s Best New Pastry Chefs of 2012, he has worked at several critically acclaimed restaurants and is particularly proud of his Canelés de Bordeaux. What does a pastry chef do? We do desserts but also bread and what’s called viennoiserie, which is a French term for laminated dough (think breakfast pastries like danishes and croissants). So there are many different…

Career Conversations: Brynn Evans

A Conversation with Brynn Evans What is user experience design?User experience (UX) design refers to the experiences and features that you interact with in an app or on a website. It’s more than just designing the screen or button. UX is like the superset of design; you need to understand how people think and act—how they will interact with your product—as well as visual design, layout, typography, color and animation. What do you do as a UX designer and manager at Google? I create screens for specific experiences in apps using tools like Photoshop and Sketch. UX designers can specialize…

Career Conversations: Michael Chin

What do you do as a physical therapist? I work in a sports orthopaedic center, so I work mainly with muscles, bones and joints. I see injuries as small as ankle sprains up to things like post-op knee replacements. I work on injuries through manual therapy or therapeutic exercise. What is manual therapy? Manual therapy is anything I can do with my hands to help with pain or mobility. For example, if the knee isn’t moving very well, I can do a mobilization of the knee or kneecap. What is the therapeutic exercise component? We design a sort of “exercise…

Career Conversations: George Salet

A Conversation with George Salet You have been plumbing for over 30 years. Does plumbing ever get boring? Not really. It is always different. Today you’re doing this, the next day, it’s something else. And you can do all sorts of things since there are different types of plumbing. What are the different types of plumbing? Service and repair guys are the ones that come to your house, construction plumbers are the ones who put the pipes and bathrooms in for new houses and commercial plumbers are the ones who put pipes in for factories. What did your path look…

Career Conversations: Gina Rodriguez

A Conversation with Gina Rodriguez How did you start your career as a pediatrician? In high school, I loved both physics and biology. I had a truly hard time deciding what I should study. But because I did not want to be in a lab all the time by myself, one of my teachers recommended that I become a doctor. I was so stunned by the idea. Even my dad looked at me like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ But I was like, ‘Yup, that’s what it’ll be.’ What did your path look like after high school? After majoring in biology,…

Career Conversations: Kevin Arnold

A Conversation with Kevin Arnold What does being a full-time writer entail? The truth is that there are very few people who can make a living solely off of writing, and most people, including me, find other ways to meet basic needs. I used to work for IBM, but now that I am retired, I write all the time. How long is the typical writing process? It typically takes me about a month to write a poem, and in the process, I get feedback from writing groups. What about the publishing process? How long is that? The publishing process is much…

Career Conversations: Vander Shanholt

A Conversation with Vander Shanholt What do you do at Franklin Templeton? Franklin Templeton is a mutual fund company, meaning we invest in stocks, bonds, and other equities. I work in the fixed income group, where I analyze corporate (like PG&E) and municipal (government-related) electric utility debt. So how do you analyze debt as a Research Analyst? I look at financial statements, amount of debt, cash flow, revenues, and expenditures for each corporation and municipial. Using this information, I create a model which gives a rating from AAA (best) to D (worst). Based on the rating and the price, I determine…