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SMHS students are full of spirit as they march to BHS for the LBG

SMHS students are full of spirit as they march to Burlingame High for the Little Big Game, which took place on November 5, 2016.

Joshua Fakava Stays Strong

Senior Joshua Fakava was interviewed and featured on Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area, the #1 high school sport show in the nation. His story is extremely inspirational and emotional.

Bearcats Line Up for Another Football Season

The Bearcats are at it again, getting ready for another competitive fall football season. After a long summer of football practices the bearcats are gearing up for this season’s games. This year’s team is led by Coach Jeff Scheller and Coach Kevin Reeves and captains are Joshua Fakava, Austin Salvail, and George Qobti. As many key players from the last few years graduated last year, many players on this years team advanced from JV. “A disadvantage that we have at the moment is there are around six or seven injuries from around 35 guys. But some advantages that we have…

Varsity Football Wins First Game 40-0

Varsity Football showed Gunn who’s boss at their very first game of the season, beating the school 40-0. The crowd was cheering all night, Pep Band kept the tunes going, and both the Dance Team and Cheer rocked the halftime show.

Flash Back to Football

 Lina Latu, 11, heads down the line dodging players from the other team, in the attempt to make a touch down.

123 Touchdown!

Touchdown, another win for Kansas City! After several years of unsuccessful seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated. Fans are raving over this spectacular season. On a Journalism trip in Boston, a boy from Kansas City named Michael was talking about the Chiefs and said, “In Kansas City we love football, and this is unbelievable that the Chiefs are doing so well; they’re undefeated, 9-0,” he said. Bearcats have a variety of opinions. “They have one of the worst percentages for 20 yard completions and above, and the least amount of attempts and percentage in the NFL,” said San Mateo…

SMHS Football Team Strives for Victory

Fall football starts again, with new goals, new players and new fans. One of the most popular sports on campus is football. San Mateo High School has two football teams, varsity and junior varsity. Packed with energy, boys from all grades are ready to take the season head on. Ready to lead the varsity football team to victory, Mr. Scheller the head coach says, “The team is coming along good! They are fantastic and enthusiastic.” There is no team that doesn’t have it’s own strengths and weaknesses, Mr. Scheller’s goal is to get better every game, which is very realistic,…

Starting Off a Good Year of Sports

With a new school year comes a new sports year and what athlete, fan, or supervisor would want anything more than to start the year off with some wins! This fall SMHS athletes are participating in football, cheerleading, golf (boys/girls), tennis (girls), volleyball, cross country, and water polo (boys/girls). Last year the Varsity Volleyball team, went all the way to CCS (Central Coast Section). “We work really well together and we are definitely going to kick butt. We made it to CCS so we did pretty well! And we are definitely capable of doing it again this year.” said Varsity…

Football Final Season Overview

The SMHS varsity football team finished off their season 4-1 with their final game against El Camino at the last home game. The Bearcats played their heart out because this final win would give them the possibibly of going to CCS. The only condition for this to occur would be for Capuchinoto lose their next two games. But with the best runningback in the peninsula, with almost 2800 rushing yards, this seemed impossible. Capuchino was the only team to keep the Bearcats from having a undefeated league season.The final home game for the seniors was  by far the best way…

SMHS Football Gives It All Against Longtime Rival

The SMHS Varsity Football Team played an immense game against their secondary rivals, the Dons, at Aragon High school, on Sept 7, but ended losing 21-40. With multiple senior players injured, the Bearcats were still able to play their hearts out each and every quarter with one hundred percent effort. A few mistakes took this game in the wrong direction, but the varsity football team is ready to learn from those mistakes and hopefully win their first home blackout game. With the 1st kick off, Julius Elzie, one of the quickest kids in PAL Division was able to make an…