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Track Overnighter

The San Mateo High School track and field team had an overnight meet at the Bret Harte invitational in Angels Camp, Ca. Galo Reyes, freshman, Rolando Escobar, sophomore, Natalia Diaz, sophomore, Libby Hays, sophomore Kayla Kaussner, sophomore, Boris Mazin, sophomore and Andy Feng, sophomore are enjoying pizza the night before the big race.

Cross Country Team Profile

Cross country crosses San Mateo’s runner’s minds as it comes into season. Fifteen dedicated runners come together to face against the other 16 schools in the district. Both their feet and their hearts are ready to win. The first meet will be held at Westmoor High School, they will be facing 16 different schools, resulting in over 150 runners at the meet. It will be a 2.9 mile run up difficult hills and paths. The meet will be in Daly City on Thursday, September 11, 2014. Although Cross country is a great and fun sport it is “an indomitable sport,…

Bearcats Over Winter Break

Victoria Butterfield went and saw the movie Frozen over winter break with her friends. “It is my new favorite Disney movie, I loved it!” Paolo Castillo went to the Philippines to visit his family, beautiful islands, and even a bearcat over winter break. “Island hopping was super fun and I was a little scared of that bearcat.” Lauren Hayat went to Paris, France to visit her family and the Eiffel tower over winter break. “It was so much fun and everything was so beautiful.”  

Dumb Things Politicians Say

Sometimes people say stupid things, and sometimes those people are politicians, so I’ve decided to gather the most idiotic quotes from politicians around the U.S. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut the whole thing down.”- Missouri representative, Tom Akin, and licensed physician. “We should understand that you don’t deal with nations like Russia and China by embracing arm-in-arm and singing kumbaya.”- Texas senator, Tom Cruz. Weird, I thought that’s what we’re supposed to do. “Women are best suited for secretarial work, decorating cakes and counter sales, like selling lingerie.” – Larry Koon,…

Bearcats Share Traditions


With Winter Break approaching, everyone’s attention turns towards the holidays. What will Bearcats be doing when they are away from school? We asked a few to find out. Lauren Hayat’s holiday traditions are to go to France to celebrate Christmas with her grandmother even though her family is Jewish. Her grandmother just likes to celebrate Christmas. She also celebrates Hanukkah. For Hanukkah, she has a big family gathering at her house with a bunch of other people. They say blessings and have a big feast. And who could forget about presents? They open one small present each day for eight…

Fun Things To Do In San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Are you bored during the weekends? Do you not have anything fun to do? Then go to San Francisco! There are so many fun things to do! Here are a few… China Town In China Town, there are many antique shops and amazing restaurants. You could go to the China Town Kite Shop, or eat a delicious dim sum lunch at Hang Ah. Dim sum is a Cantonese style of meal featuring many small-portioned dishes, such as dumplings. You could also go to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory and to find out your future! Alcatraz You can take a…

La Película de Derbez es única

Muchas personas conocerán a Eugenio Derbez como comediante en la televisión, Estadounidenses lo conocen como Felipe de la película Jack and Jill como un jardinero que se enamora de Jill, una de las protagonistas. Este año, Derbez se lució con su nueva película Instructions not Included.  La divertida y cómica película fue escrita por Guillermo Ríos, y Leticia López Margalli. Fue dirigida por el mismo Eugenio Derbez. Derbez interpreta el papel de Valentín, un mujeriego que vive en Acapulco, México. Sin trabajo y con poco dinero, pronto se entera que después de unos de sus amoríos, resultó un angelito. La…

Leadership Made Health Awareness Fun for an Entire Week

February was the month for fun-filled activities and sales in the quad at lunch to celebrate Health Week 2013.  Leadership had stands selling T-shirts saying, “Be Cute and Eat Fruit.” Artfully decorated, a lot of these shirts were sold along with headbands, bracelets and banana grams. You could also find fun, healthy food. On Thursday, a dance called “Zumba” was performed. Friday was the last chance for students to buy cool merchandise. Friday was also the only day where popular Jamba Juice smoothies were sold. Health week was a great, inspiring effort to take care of our student body.

Fun Movies About the Holidays

There are many classic movies regarding the holidays that often are featured on T.V. around Christmas time. Some of these classics include Elf, Bad Santa, Home Alone, The Polar Express, and The Santa Clause. Elf features Will Ferrell and is about a baby boy that falls into Santa Claus’ sack of gifts while Santa is delivering presents to an orphanage. That baby is named Buddy. Buddy then finds his biological father and proves to him that Buddy is, indeed, his son. You can be reassured that you will find Elf on T.V. this time of year. In Home Alone, the…

STD Infects San Mateo High School Students

On March 19, San Mateo High School held a special event known as STD. STD stands for Senior Takeover Day. Senior Takeover Day happens once every year and is fun for teachers, seniors, and students of classes that are taken over. Senior Takeover Day is a day where seniors can take over any class they want and pretend to be the teacher. Because they are the teacher, they have to have a less plan set up or an educational activity for their students to participate in. Most seniors let their students play an educational game, which adds to the fun….