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Chinese New Year Brought to SMHS -

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San Mateo Volleyball Season Kicks Off -

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The Van Jones Show:Jay-Z -

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The Marching Band Rocks the Half-Time Show

After weeks of preparation, the San Mateo Marching ‘Bearcat’ Band performed in front of hundreds of spectators during the 89 Annual ‘Little Big Game’ vs Burlingame. Countless hours have been spent creating, practicing and performing the routine that debuted on Nov. 5. The field show consisted of the marching band playing three songs from the 80’s; “Take on Me,” Thriller” and “Living on a Prayer;” as well as moving in various formations and patterns. The whole show was designed by Ralph Shehayed, a junior, who is the drum major for the whole marching band. The outline for the show was…

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

There are only a few days left until Halloween. Still have no costume for trick-or-treating? Read on for some last minute Halloween costume ideas that you can make at home. Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Figure If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the perfect costume for you. Glow in the dark when trick-or-treating and amaze your friends. Materials: Multiple packs of glow sticks Black long-sleeved shirt and black pants Packing tape Instructions: With your packing tape, carefully stick the glow sticks onto the black clothing to form the shape of a stick figure. Don’t forget to check if…

A Look Inside SMHS Marching Band

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the words “SMHS Marching Band? Many might say the “Little Big Game.” But besides that, what do you know about the marching band? The SMHS Marching Band started in the 1940’s. Now directed by Mr. Atillio Tribuzi (aka Mr. T), the 82 student members of the marching band arrive at school at zero period (7:00 a.m.) to learn and practice the music and marching for competitions (called Band Reviews) and for formations for the Little Big Game halftime show. “My favorite thing about Marching Band is the fact…

SMHS Pep Band keeps us entertained at the football games

John Reichmuth, Nicholas Delurgio, and Ralph Shehayed (left to right) are in deep concentration as they play their instruments at the SMHS football game.

Enter the Student Art Contest!

  Share your creativity through art! Enter the Student Art Contest! Your artwork could be featured on the official CSEA holiday card. The contest is held by the California School Employees Association (CSEA), a school employee union. The theme for this year’s contest is “Favorite Winter Holiday Activity.” Winning entries will be awarded prizes! “It’s exciting when you win and you have an opportunity to have your work published,” Ms. Yapp, San Mateo High School’s art teacher, says. “It’s something you can put on your list of accomplishments that you can be proud of.” Emma Luong, a passionate SMHS art…

We Out Here Tryna f(x) with Tablets

This coming month, all eyes will be on the lucky students that will be getting tablets to use in math class. Ms. Hwang’s AP Calculus BC and Integrated 1-2 classes will be sharing a set of 35 hybrid tablets with Ms. Cintas’s Integrated 1-2 classes. The tablets have already started arriving, and will be distributed for class use in the beginning of October. “There was a grant out at the end of last year from the school district for teachers who wanted to pilot using devices in their classrooms,” says Ms. Hwang. The hybrid tablets funded by the San Mateo…

Elections Coming Up November 4, 2014

For most San Mateo High students, the first Tuesday of every November isn’t anything special. But for everyone 18 and older, the first Tuesday in November is voting day. On Tuesday, November 4, the California Statewide General Elections will be held, and citizens throughout the state will be busy at the polling machines casting the votes that will determine our future. Students may not have much interest in voting, especially if they are not of age yet, but Ms. Kalinski, a history teacher, said that “Once you turn 18, you should vote.” Senior and president of the JSA club Vicky…

Mr. McKenzie: Vice Principal

 Mr. John McKenzie sits in his black office chair in a crisp white shirt and a striped black tie, staring intently at the computer screen in front of him. He drums his fingers on his desk a bit absent-mindedly as he clicks the mouse several times, pausing to adjust his glasses. It is clear that he has already settled into his new office at San Mateo High, and a neon orange stuffed bearcat welcomes students in. Mr. McKenzie is one of San Mateo High School’s new assistant principals. He was working at North Salinas High School last year and is…

Late Start Days: Yay or Nay?

Students mill around the courtyard: some are eating breakfast, some are chatting in little groups, and some are still frantically finishing homework. It’s bright and sunny, and most students are already wide-awake, grateful for the extra two hours of sleep that they managed to sneak in. For the first time this year, San Mateo High started school at ten instead of eight, on August 26 and 27. “It was easier to wake up, get to school, and be focused in class,” said Ralph Haddad, freshman. For many students, the late start days offered a chance to sleep in, have breakfast…

Mr. Wilke: The Rockin’ Math Teacher

Mr. Wilke started teaching in 1999 in a small town called Gustine a city in the Merced County. He has been teaching AP Statistics and Finite Math at San Mateo High School since 2003. A little bit about Mr. Wilke was that he grew up in Modesto then later moved to Half Moon Bay. He is happily married for over 12 years and has two dogs named Jezebel and Faust. During his free time, he does acting and hosts an occasional midnight movie. His favorite music is mostly old punk rock. At one point in his life, he wanted to…