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The Van Jones Show:Jay-Z -

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Gossip Girl Lover Ms. Dong

Name: Erin Dong Goals for the year: “I’m only here 2 days a week, so managing my time well so I can do transcript planning, meet with my students, see them in the classroom and just be visible and available for them. I want to help my seniors graduate on time and help my other students stay on track. A lot of my students are ELD and international so they have credits from out-of-country or maybe even out-of-state and having them stay on track because they come with a lot of credits too so you wanna put them in the right place.” Why SMHS:…

Introducing Ms. Campagnet-Reed, our New French Teacher

Teacher: Ms. Campagnet-Reed Room number: A146 What subject(s) do you teach: French 3, English/ELD, private language tutoring What is your favorite part about teaching?:  “My favorite parts of teaching include seeing students achieve those “aha” moments when they finally “get” how a certain element of the language works, and begin using it without thinking about it. I also love hearing my students take a verbal risk and speak French, even if it’s not perfect. I try to make them comfortable enough to do that.” What are your goals for this year?: My goals for this year are to help my…

Mr. Andruha, the new SMHS Mathematician

Name: Mr.Andruha Room Number: A237 Subject: Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra Support Favorite part about teaching: “Helping kids, getting the ‘aha’ moment when they finally understand something.” Goals for this year: “Survive. Also make a name for myself here at school as someone that can help kids out and someone that understands the subject matter.” Why SMHS: “It’s a great school, it’s ranked as one of the top 250 schools in the nation. Its academically top-notch.” Favorite sports team: 49ers Favorite movie: A Beautiful Mind Favorite dance move: “Sitting down. I can’t dance.” Early bird or night owl: “Both. I…

SMHS Welcomes Ms. Causor!

Not only is she a huge history geek, a dog lover and our new librarian but is optimistic about her upcoming year at SMHS. Jasmine Causor, from Fontana, CA has traveled over 300 miles in order to aid our library and help students succeed. Causor wants to, “find ways to improve the library”. Causor is a first generation American citizen, with her family being a mix of Italian and Mexican. In school Causor took French and after receiving a low grade decided she would never speak it again. Instead, she is fluent in English and Spanish. She was raised in…

Teacher Profile: Ms. Fredricksen

Coming from being a Girl Scout helper for an education program, to a middle school teacher at Edendale and Castro Valley, and finally at San Mateo High School English teacher, Ms. Fredricksen has learned a lot. She is passionate and down to earth. She is very kind and generous. When I visited her class I got to see her in action. She has a supply center for when you are having a bad day and accidentally forget to bring something to class. She makes jokes to make the class fun and is passionate when she teaches. She had gotten an…

Mr. McKenzie: Vice Principal

 Mr. John McKenzie sits in his black office chair in a crisp white shirt and a striped black tie, staring intently at the computer screen in front of him. He drums his fingers on his desk a bit absent-mindedly as he clicks the mouse several times, pausing to adjust his glasses. It is clear that he has already settled into his new office at San Mateo High, and a neon orange stuffed bearcat welcomes students in. Mr. McKenzie is one of San Mateo High School’s new assistant principals. He was working at North Salinas High School last year and is…

Mrs. Abernathy

Mrs. Abernathy is one of the most versatile teachers I know. While her main focus right now is teaching Contemporary World Studies to mostly freshmen, she has taught various classes in different subjects to all different grades. Mrs. Abernathy has experienced working at many schools throughout her years of teaching, but she feels that there is something special about San Mateo High School. Mrs. Abernathy is able to keep a good balance of work in class and at home, and truly wants all of her students to succeed. She tries her best to relieve the pressures of learning, but still…

Mr. Mountain

Mr. Mountain teaches his class ecstatically, showing enthusiasm toward teaching, and compassion toward his students. Mr. Mountain teaches ELD here at San Mateo High School in room A203. Mr. Mountain has been teaching for a total of 32 years. He first started teaching at San Mateo High school in 1991, he has been teaching here for 23 years. His favorite part about teaching is “being with students, teenagers,” and his goal for his students is “to find a career that they like to do.” He also supports the guitar hero club here at San Mateo. “He has helped me a…

Who is Mr. Appleman?

Rhapsodizing on to high school students about the environment, giving misbehaving students comical sentences to copy, and dedicating his life to teaching others about biology: welcome to the life of the most interesting man alive, Mr. Appleman. Mr. Appleman has been a teacher here at San Mateo High School for a long time. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in botany. People love Mr. Appleman because of his sarcasm and dry sense of humor. When asked about any special talents, Mr. Appleman sat back in his computer chair, thought about it for a while, and finally replied with,…

Ms. Laszlo

Mrs. Laszlo

Ms. Laszlo is a Spanish teacher at San Mateo High School. She wanted to teach at San Mateo High School because she did her student teaching here and fell in love with the diversity, the community, the awesome spirit, and of course the students. Her favorite part about teaching is working with the students and watching them grow. Her least favorite thing about teaching is that since the government is still evaluating her because she started teaching recently, she doesn’t like having to do the state evaluation process. Some interesting facts about her are that she is Brazilian, she has…