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All Star Weekend Highlights -

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Chinese New Year Brought to SMHS -

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San Mateo Volleyball Season Kicks Off -

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The Van Jones Show:Jay-Z -

Friday, February 16, 2018

Bearcats make a mess during ‘Pie-A-Teacher’

Mr. Reoutt gets a pie to the face during the ‘Pie-A-Teacher’ fundraiser, which took place on October 25, 2016. All proceeds went to the Canned Food Drive.

Dancing with the Teachers

Ms. Adamcikova and Mr. Moreno dancing  at the food faire during lunch on September 29th.

Introducing Ms. Campagnet-Reed, our New French Teacher

Teacher: Ms. Campagnet-Reed Room number: A146 What subject(s) do you teach: French 3, English/ELD, private language tutoring What is your favorite part about teaching?:  “My favorite parts of teaching include seeing students achieve those “aha” moments when they finally “get” how a certain element of the language works, and begin using it without thinking about it. I also love hearing my students take a verbal risk and speak French, even if it’s not perfect. I try to make them comfortable enough to do that.” What are your goals for this year?: My goals for this year are to help my…

Mr. Andruha, the new SMHS Mathematician

Name: Mr.Andruha Room Number: A237 Subject: Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra Support Favorite part about teaching: “Helping kids, getting the ‘aha’ moment when they finally understand something.” Goals for this year: “Survive. Also make a name for myself here at school as someone that can help kids out and someone that understands the subject matter.” Why SMHS: “It’s a great school, it’s ranked as one of the top 250 schools in the nation. Its academically top-notch.” Favorite sports team: 49ers Favorite movie: A Beautiful Mind Favorite dance move: “Sitting down. I can’t dance.” Early bird or night owl: “Both. I…

SMHS Welcomes Ms. Causor!

Not only is she a huge history geek, a dog lover and our new librarian but is optimistic about her upcoming year at SMHS. Jasmine Causor, from Fontana, CA has traveled over 300 miles in order to aid our library and help students succeed. Causor wants to, “find ways to improve the library”. Causor is a first generation American citizen, with her family being a mix of Italian and Mexican. In school Causor took French and after receiving a low grade decided she would never speak it again. Instead, she is fluent in English and Spanish. She was raised in…


Food and Nutrition teacher Ms.Casale would like to introduce current and incoming SMHS students to the new Culinary Arts class, coming in 2014-2015 school year.  This new class will help students develop knife skills, build knowledge of a variety of different cuisines,  and improve culinary skills. Students will also get their Food Handlers certification. The current Foods and nutrition class provides the opportunity to learn cooking techniques, learn nutritious facts to keep your body healthy. “It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn things you will learn and remember forever,” says Ms. Casale. Ms. Casale has been teaching at…

Mr. Wilke: The Rockin’ Math Teacher

Mr. Wilke started teaching in 1999 in a small town called Gustine a city in the Merced County. He has been teaching AP Statistics and Finite Math at San Mateo High School since 2003. A little bit about Mr. Wilke was that he grew up in Modesto then later moved to Half Moon Bay. He is happily married for over 12 years and has two dogs named Jezebel and Faust. During his free time, he does acting and hosts an occasional midnight movie. His favorite music is mostly old punk rock. At one point in his life, he wanted to…

Ms. Laszlo

Mrs. Laszlo

Ms. Laszlo is a Spanish teacher at San Mateo High School. She wanted to teach at San Mateo High School because she did her student teaching here and fell in love with the diversity, the community, the awesome spirit, and of course the students. Her favorite part about teaching is working with the students and watching them grow. Her least favorite thing about teaching is that since the government is still evaluating her because she started teaching recently, she doesn’t like having to do the state evaluation process. Some interesting facts about her are that she is Brazilian, she has…

Ms. Zenilman

A biology teacher with long, curly brown hair and a very inviting smile sits at her desk after school, answering questions from teachers and students, planning the lesson for the next day. Ms. Zenilman recently moved to California from Boston, where she was a biology teacher at a Catholic school. “I came to California for personal reasons and because of the nice weather. Ms. Zenilman says. “I am looking forward to the fun labs with my students and for students to get excited for science. I like that my students are ninth graders, because this is a time that they can reinvent and redefine themselves and I want…

New Bell Schedule

The change in the new bell schedule and what San Mateo High School students think.